Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My answer to the podcast

What is he studying ?
He is studying Building Construction Management .
What year is he doing ?
He is doing his final year , forth year.
What subjects has he done ?
He has done a little bit of everything, Architecture, engineering, everything to do with construction industry.
What subjects has he enjoyed the most ?
He likes many of his subjects, architecture subject, and construction engineering subjects.
Is the course a practical course?
A bit of a mix.
Has he done any subjects from other degrees?
Law subjects.
Has he got any plans to continue studying?
Not really sure.
What are his plans for when he finishes uni?
He doesn't know yet . Maybe he'll go to beach if there is good weather.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today ! I'm going to send everybody some imformation about Sculpture by the sea as our class was planing to visit there.
Sculpture by the Sea is Australia's largest free public exhibition. It will open for about 3 weeks (3 to 20 November) and from Bondi beach to Tamarama along the coast . The exhibiton is worked by artists from Australia and overseas .

Let's click on the link below for the last 2 years Sculpture by the Sea exhibintions.

How to get to there :
There are many ways to get there such as : bus , train , taxi .... . If you drive to Bondi beach , u can just leave your car behind if you can , but now day public transport is cheap and quick , and plus it will be hard to find a parking space at the beach ... For more imformation about Sydney's transport: Bus Train